Web Development

Web Development

Web Development is the combination of process on publishing an entity or a business on the world wide web. The purpose of this online entity could be business to business or business to consumer. This may include content writing, website design and HTML coding.

Digital Dhamaal has more than 10 years experience in the website development. We have created both static and dynamic websites powered by a customized or open source content management system. We also have good experience in building e-commerce solutions.

Our web development services include

1) Content Writing
2) Web Designing 
3) HTML Authoring
4) Custom CMS or Open Source CMS Deployment
5) Search Engine Optimozation 
6) Social Media Optimization 

The above mentioned services include can be broke 

1) System Design and Architecture
2) Front-End GUI Design, Scripting and Authoring 
3) Backend Coding, Database Development and Workflow 
4) Deployment, Testing and Bug fixing 
5) Support and Administration 

Tools used during web development cycle

1) Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator for Web Designing
2) Dreamweaver, Notepad, Firebug, Photoshop, W3C validator Tools and various available Web Browsers for  HTML authoring
3) FileZiIla FTP for remote publishing 
4) Linux (Operating System), Apache (Webserver), MySQl (Dataabse), PHP Scripting language Server-Side Scripting, Javascript Client-side, Jquery
5) Joomla, Wordpress Open Source CMS Development
6) Ning Development 
6) Client Collaboration using Google Doc 

We also provide the client with user manual and user training during or after web development cycle. 

Please check our portfolio for some of our web development projects.

Testimonial Digital Dhamaal led by Rakov has added tremendous value in creation of our websites. They have gone beyond their brief of website creation and helped us formulate an online strategy. We will continue to work with Digital Dhamaal and benefit from the team's knowledge and passion. Testimonial
  Manish Purohit
Popular Prakashan
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