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Web Designing

Website Designing is the Visualization of the entire web property to be deployed on World Wide Web. This includes identifying the various visual components in form of Text and Images. It also includes identifying the various interactive components which can be deployed in HTML, Jquery or Flash. The important parts that we cover during the design phase is site appearance, layout, usability and utility.

Web Design is a very important  part of publishing a website on the World Wide Web. As usability is one of the most important parts of any application, our designers do have an extensive experience in conceptualizing, planning and producing robust designs. For example, in web forms, we prefer to use Radio Buttons or Check boxes rather than using List boxes. The designs that we produce are not only user friendly but are also search engine friendly. We do emphasize on the usability which is based not only on our experience but basic user experiences. We have in-house Team of Web designers who have a specialization in designing interfaces only for web users. Web designing is very different from Brochure designing or any other print designing as the Online user behavior is different that from an offline user!

Understanding usability with the application utility is a key! We build websites which are rated high on user experience.

The Approach

1) Getting an RFP (Request for proposal) from the Client, on the basis of which the cost estimate is created and sent for approval.

2) Asking Client for any websites for reference to what the client has in mind.

3) Familiarising ourselves with the brand guidelines like preferred fonts, and colors to be used. We prefer to use web friendly fonts like Arial, Verdana but can use Fonts which are not available on Client machine using the CSS techniques.

4) Going through the sample text and identifying website elements as the text, the images or any other interactive component.

5) Setting up the overall site layout. The layout can be 1 column, 2 columns or 3 columns with or without left and right sidebars.Website design can be liquid or a fixed design.

6) Plugging in the identified website component in accordance to the usability and utility in the chosen layout. Also, we look at if any third party plug-ins to be deployed.

7) Submitting the final design for Client approval

Our design Team uses Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator for creating web designs.

Please visit our portfolio link for our design capabilities. Please also see Website Development section

Testimonial Digital Dhamaal led by Rakov has added tremendous value in creation of our websites. They have gone beyond their brief of website creation and helped us formulate an online strategy. We will continue to work with Digital Dhamaal and benefit from the team's knowledge and passion. Testimonial
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