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Custom CMS Development

Custom CMS Development

A Content Management System allows users with a role based access to the system where a user with a valid roles to the authorize screens or modules can update content on the website. This content can be in the form of text or images. The user can add new pages or update the existing pages. This also means that Client can manage their pages with no or basic knowledge of HTML. The CSS elements can also be controlled using the custom-built code.

We look at both the options: custom-built CMS versus Open Source CMS which is ready made solution that can be readily deployed. Depending on the client’s preferences based on business requirements, we recommend the appropriate solution for the client. If the client’s business does not need the more expensive option of custom built CMS, we would strongly discourage him from using it, and would recommend the cheaper solution. At Digital Dhamaal we see our clients as our partners, and strongly believe that our growth is directly linked to the client’s business successes at the right cost.

The advantage with the custom-built CMS is that they are coded exactly as per the Client requirements. Work flow, roles and functionality are defined as per the clients inputs. This also ensures that the system is user friendly. Also, the front end navigation, functionality with features can be added or modified with relative ease.

The disadvantage is that they might be time consuming and needs to be tested. The testing needs to both in terms of functional and load time testing. Also, one needs to ensure that there is no inline coding!

We at Digital Dhamaal have more than ten years of experience on developing/deploying custom-built CMS. We have already designed and developed modules which just need to plug-in to client requirements. These modules have been already tested and are powering the live websites. Our custom code is highly secure that is hidden behind many layers which helps us in preventing any SQL injection or any other hacking process to infect our client databases.

We thrive to implement best practices, software tools, quality assurance, and documentation to insure high quality software product and complete client satisfaction. Digital Dhamaal has in-house expertise to develop website based on any software development life cycle as per client’s preference. We stand 100% behind our website development and will meet or exceed client’s expectation.

Digital Dhamaal has expertise to build this on either Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP, LAMP or .NET technology. Both are very efficient technologies. We recommend using LAMP due to licensing cost involved with .NET and MS SQL Server database. PHP/MySQL is a freeware and there is no licensing cost involved.

Our Custom-built CMS delivers the following:

a) Manage Taxonomy
b) Manage CSS
c) Workflow Management
d) Role Management
c) Mange site content and images
d) Create new Pages
e) Content Syndication
f) Product, Subscriber and Order Tracking system
g) Facebook APIs integration
h) Google APIs integration

Quality Checks
Following Quality Checks are enforced in CMS:

1.  Data Integrity: The system will make sure data entered in CMS passes data integrity checks. 
2.  JavaScript client side validation: it will display error messages in user-friendly way. 
3.  PHP Server side validation: Rules will be implemented on server side to make sure data entered is valid and passes business rules.

Quality Assurance

Extensive in-house quality assurance is done before submitting the project for client’s user acceptance. Any defects found during user acceptance will be resolved quickly.
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