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Web Authoring

Web or HTML authoring is a technique using which web pages are created and published on World Wide Web.

Digital Dhamaal has an in-house Team of coders that specialises in HTML and CSS development. We also provide Photoshop to HTML, CSS development services. The designs are discussed in details with the design Team before the HTML conversion.

Our HTML interfaces are coded in accordance to the standards recommended by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Interfaces once HTML authored are validated for both XHTML as well as the CSS by the W3C validator tools.

HTML interfaces are coded using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Division (DIV) tags. This ensures smaller interface size, low load time, easier to read source code with search engine friendly content. For example, we don't use table tags like <tr><td> as more the content hidden with tags, lesser the chance of the content gets crawled by the search engines. This also means having redundant HTML tags indexed by a search engine and missing of the relevant site content.

As HTML interfaces are coded using CSS, the CSS tends to behave awkwardly in different web browsers and Operating Systems (OS). Cross browser compatibility refers to a website which can support and render well on all the major browsers. We test our HTMTL/CSS/Scripts and ensure Interfaces compatibility with all the major browsers which include Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Fire Fox, Google Chrome, and Safari. We test our code on Windows and Macintosh.

HTML authoring is a very important part when it comes to site usability, access and organic SEO.  These HTML interfaces can be dynamic using the customised or an open source content management system. These CMS are designed in user friendly way with a defined workflow where user with a right role can update the site content (text/images).

We use tools like Dreamweaver, Notepad, Firebug, Photoshop and various available Web Browsers during HTML conversion process.

During the designing and authoring phase, one can look at choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) for the site interfaces. Choosing a CMS depends on hosting platform. Choice can be between customize or an open source CMS. This is very much dependent on Client preferences. Windows or Linux? Customise or Open Source?

We specialize in customize CMS development in Classic ASP, ASP.NET and PHP.  We have also developed e-commerce sites using customize product management system, order tracking system and subscriber management system.

We have also done development in Open Source CMS like Joomla, WordPress and creating custom social websites like Ning.

Testimonial Digital Dhamaal led by Rakov has added tremendous value in creation of our websites. They have gone beyond their brief of website creation and helped us formulate an online strategy. We will continue to work with Digital Dhamaal and benefit from the team's knowledge and passion. Testimonial
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